the biting truth


Friday, June 5, 2009

the see-saw

I loose five, gain two. Loose three, gain one. Gain one. What a ridiculous up and down.

But, I'm not quiting. I'm pressing on. Really, I am. I've lost nine pounds in ten weeks. Nothing dynamic, but not too terribly shabby either.

I'm going away for six weeks. My fat sister and I are competing to see who can loose more weight in the next six weeks. I hope I come in a close second with a weight loss of over six pounds. Then, we both win.

Note to self: freezing the cookie dough does not make it un-edible. Oops.


April said...

Totally know how you feel.... GAH! I hate that!

You know what? I am TOTALLY addicted to food and I SUCK I diets. but for some reason my hubby and I started a diet two weeks ago (low carb) and it has been really really easy this time. Seriously. I've lost 7 pounds in two weeks. (water weight? ...maybe...) but still!

We ATE all of the "bad" food in our house before we started! (i.e. if we had frozen cookie dough it was GONE! lol) and so there's nothing in our house that is tempting like that to eat. Then we FILLEd the fridge with tons of diet there's not excuse! Ha ha!

Lynne said...

I keep gaining and losing the same ten pounds. I wish I could get to number 11!