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Saturday, May 16, 2009

the fat girl looses something up her rear

The fat girl kicked butt at her kickboxing class!! Whew! Yeah, I DID!!

It totally rocked. What a great work out. I sweated. I was in pain. I smiled. I winced.

Oh, and something totally gross happened. So, if you don't find gross things funny, you ought to stop reading right now. I'm serious. Stop.

The kickboxing class is a great work out. You cannot help but really sweat. I was sweaty. Very sweaty. Sweating all over, in fact.

The perspiration worked itself into my underwear. And un-stuck my, er, pantie liner. With no place to go, the pantie liner hung out right on top of my undies... until I begin the front and back kicks. Then, to my extreme discomfort, it made its way to my butt crack! Yes, that's right. I had a pantie liner squeezed in between my butt cheeks. Quite uncomfortable.

Now, I had a few choices here. One, I could just go digging down my pants and pull it out [the usual pick-a-wedgie-move didn't work]. But then what would I do with it? Not to mention, watching someone dig around in their pants is a bit disturbing. I didn't want to do that to my new sweaty friends. Or TWO, I could excuse myself and go to the bathroom to take care of the problem. But I didn't want to do that and miss part of the class. Just for a lost and traveling pantie liner. My third option was to do my best to ignore the discomfort and press on.

I chose the last option. Yuck. Luckily the class was so difficult, it wasn't as hard as you would think to focus on the class and not the icky, stuck pantie liner. And, at some point it worked its way out. Somehow.

I hope you thought that was more funny than gross. I know I did. I totally thought of all you faithful readers during my pantie liner mayhem. I knew it would make a great post.


Danita said...

LOL! Thanks for sharing! Hopefully pantyliners will stay home from now on ;)

Aunt of 14 said...

hehehehe!!!!! That made me giggle!!!

Krissa said...

Oh my gosh...that is funny! haha...That is awesome that you stayed. I dont know if I could have done that.
Way to go in kickboxing too...that is awesome!

Lynne said...

Well it all worked out in the end (no pun intended, lol).

At least you're out there exercising! I hope you'll get a chance to visit my "I'm On A Mission" blog. I feel so far behind in the exercise department!

Alicia said...

That is funny! You go! You are totally kicking butt! I am so happy for you!

SkinnieMinnie said...

haha that is hilarious! But good on you for kickin some butt and ignoring the item stuck in your butt haha

Mattsmom said...

I thought your post was hilarious and honest! Things always along that line happen to me too. Lately my problem is I sweat down there a lot. What do I do wear a pad? It is so noticable with my standard black workout pants. Prob would show more with gray. Anyways, I am always embarrassed. Last week after spin class hubby wanted to go into home depot. Ummm...problem here. Luckily, I had a jacket to tie around my waist. Thanks for posting your funny stories. Actually at the end of your post I thought you were going to say it popped out and landed on the floor:)))))) :OOOOOOOO Ha...
Have a great Sunday

Mattsmom said...

Oh, I wanted to say that the most important thing is "At least you are kicking some butt". Thats what I try to think about when my hair curls with sweat and I am sweaty ALL over. At least I am doing it.
Thanks for your blogs!

Beth said...

TOO FUNNY! Good choice, tho. I think you would have the corner all to yourself from now on if you whipped that thing out in class. :D