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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

south beach diet and cupcakes

The South Beach Diet is going OK.  

I miss carbs.  

We wrap up Phase One tomorrow.  So I will begin to re-introduce healthy carbs then.  One carb a day, at first.  I have really missed oatmeal.  I'm an oatmeal kind of girl.  Yum.

But, the first Phase of South Beach hasn't been that bad.  Some days were really difficult and others were pretty breezy.  

The first week, I really fought it.  I complained.  I whined.  I held cupcakes in my hand, smelled them and wanted really, really, really badly to eat them.  But, I stuck with it.

My husband is also doing the diet with me.  He needs to loose about thirty pounds.  Well, 22 pounds now.  The cutie has lost eight pounds in the past two weeks.  

Sticking it out together has helped me tremendously.  If The Husband had not been doing the plan whole heartedly, I would have given up with the cupcakes.  

So, that's my report.  What do ya think?


Tinika said...

Good for you! You keep hanging in there, I know you can do it.

L said...

Glad it's going well. Stick to it, girl! You can do it!