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Monday, July 27, 2009

what i mean... for now

I am back in the groove. I've been on vacation for several weeks. And when I say vacation, I mean I vacationed from everything. And when I say everything, I mean I quit eating healthy and ate whatever I wanted. And when I say whatever I wanted, I mean I ate the whole, frigging back of mini-snickers! And when I say the whole, frigging bag of snickers... well, that's exactly what I mean!

But! [And that's a big BUT!] I am DONE with that. [Well, for now. Being realistic about my record... only life will tell if I am truly done.. but I can say for now.]

I like to say I am doing "healthy living" right now. I don't want to pay WW $40 bucks a month when I already know all the things I need to do to loose weight. Yeah, yeah, just because I'm a fat girl doesn't mean I lack knowledge. It is not a matter of knowing; it's a matter of doing.

Me, the hubby and my sister are being accountable to each other and our commitment [for now] to healthy living. We drew up some weight loss charts and everything. Aren't we cool? I lost three pounds our first week. Not bad. Beats gaining.

Anyway, back to the groove of healthy living.

PS Thanks for the support guys. It really blesses me.


C.C. and Double T said...

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you... trust Him!

Lynne said...

I think it is cool you are doing it with your family members. Their support will be a positive influence towards improved health. Hang in there and I am proud of you, 3lb WL! Woot!

Adie said...

Good luck. You can do it!

Deborah said...

Congrats on your 3 pounds! I'm like you in that I KNOW what to do but just seem to have a hard time doing it. I guess that's what the $40 is supposed to do--inspire you to follow the rules but the monthly gym membership never seems to motivate me much so...

Keep going on your own and I bet you'll do great, especially with the charts!

Beth said...

I so get it. I love(d) Snickers. Haven't had one since my banding, though, so I don't know how well I could tolerate it.

Serenity said...

Left something for you on my blog today :)

Hua said...


What a supportive husband and sister you have! Keep on keeping on your good work!

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