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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

how about weight watchers

I'm watching The Biggest Looser. Final Four. I can only imagine how that show/program would change my life. There are some awesome things about that show, and some things I don't quite agree with. But, I'm not going to go there right now.

Body For Life is gone. Now, I am doing Weight Watchers. Again. Week Four this week. I've lost 8.2 pounds in three weeks. Tracking my points, etc. I am trying, once again to change my life. We are eating healthy and I am writing down everything.

I have not given up.


Alicia said...

WW worked pretty good with me while I was on it. 8 lbs is alot! Keep up the good work! I have decided to really start back on the diet thing after the new year...yes I am that lazy!

Fire Wife said...

Ditto re: your thoughts on Biggest Loser.

Great job with Weight Watchers! I love that program, and think it does a great job of helping us maintain proper portion control. Even though I've never lost very much weight on it =o(

Keep up the good work!

Chubbie Chica said...

Good for you! Hang in there - through time WW will become easy! Although I still need to get back on the wagon.

Good Luck,
Shannan a.k.a.
Chubbie Chica

no correspondida said...

hello, i'm from argentina, that's why my handwriting sucks. i'm fat. 10kilos overwheight. i allways see the biggest. and i think, if i had a personal trainer and a life focus in the training i would allso lose weight.

sorry if you don't understand a word!
best wishes


no correspondida said...

and other thing...
i support you!

Ally said...

I suck on WW. Every time I join (I've joined over 25 times in my lifetime) I quit before I see any real results and everyone there is thin and joins to drop like 15 lbs. You accomplished way more than I ever have there in 3 weeks. Good for you! Keep it up!

TirzahLaughs said...

WW worked for me when I was on it. Lost 98 pounds kept it off two years but then I stopped going and fell off the wagon.


If you ever want my low fat, quickie pizza recipe or low calorie brownie recipe, let me know.

It really helped when I was doing WW.

Anonymous said...

I ran into your blog today and I saw the old me in all your words. I tried every diet and exercise gadget on the planet. I topped at 280 pounds. I had Lap Band surgery almost two years ago and I am at 160 pounds now. I know people think it's the easy way out, but for me it was a life or death way. Most insurances cover the procedure, it is a safe way to loose weight, it's not easy as people think, you do have to watch your food intake as any diet, but having the band as a tool, you can't fail.
I hope to not offend, but the lap band has saved my life and I strongly recommend it to those who struggle. I am 44 years old and happily married with children.
Good luck in your journey, how ever path you choose to follow.