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Friday, March 19, 2010

easily distracted

Today is a good day. Today, I feel on top of it. Of what, you ask? Of food addiction. Of overeating. My problem. Whatever you name it, it is what it is.

But what about tomorrow? What will that be like? I cannot promise you that tomorrow I won't binge on chocolate and chips and cheese. I might. It still calls my name. Heck, it yells my name. Screaming to me...

I'm not crazy.

Food is my drug of choice. Some people smoke. Some people drink. I eat.

Kim makes a good point here about keeping your eyes on Christ. Yeah, yeah, I know, must I bring religion into it? Well, yes, I must. You see, I'm working through a 12 step program [I'm serious about being free from food addiction!!] and I do admit there is a higher power.

Anyway. Keeping my eyes on Christ. When I start worrying too much about my problem, it gets worse. When I start focusing on eating the exactly correct kind of food, I want to eat it all. When I get tunnel vision about how fat I am and cry about being overweight, the emotions overwhelm me. BUT!!! When I "seek first the kingdom", suddenly it all seems lighter. The burden of food addiction eases.

Freedom from food addiction does not come from ME. It only comes from Christ. Thus, I fix my eyes on Him, the author and perfecter of my faith.

But, I'm so fat!! Waaaaaaa!!!!!

See how easy it is to be distracted!!

Focus on God! Focus on God!

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aWLS said...

Even though I've had WLS I still struggle w/food addiction. It's very real. Food activates the same pleasure centers in the brain that cocaine, sex and heroine do and is similarly powerful over us. Thanks for sharing your struggles. Every day is a new day. ♥Mandy