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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the fat girl decides thirty pounds ain't too shabby

I have lost thirty pounds so far. It's good. But, I'm still FAT.

Weightloss really is a moment by moment journey. I make atleast fifty decision a day that lead towards a weightloss at the end of the week. Or a weight gain. Pressure mounts when I stand in front of the fridge, making those decisions. Or at the fast food joint, staring at the menu options. Do I go healthy or unhealthy? Cheese or no cheese? Fries or skip 'em? Dessert or fruit?? Yadda yadda. Yidda yidda. And so it goes.

Loosing thirty pounds seems to validate that I might really succeed. This time. I definitely feel a weight loss momentum. There is a push of success behind me, barreling me ahead. Now, when I consider just giving up, the number thirty flashes in my brain like a night club's neon sign. I don't want to peddle backwards. Thirty pounds is nothing to sneeze at. Only sixty more pounds and I'll be out of the "morbidly obese" category. There's something to shoot for.


Serenity said...

Hiya Jellybean ~

Wonderful to see you again!! Congrats on the weight loss - I for one am very proud of you!


ZooNam said...

Excellent and congrats!!! I agree that it is totally a moment by moment journey. Keep up the good work :)


April said...

Dude...lack of posting much???????

Well it's good to have you back.


You suck.

In the good "I'm way jealous" way.

I'm going to a buffet for dinner.


Kim said...

Keep up the good work!!! I find that each day when I face the temptation to either eat what I shouldn't or to skip my treadmill- I simply ask the Lord "Please give me your strength right now because I have none of my own!" And some days I need to ask like 30 times! I also have been asking Him to help me make these changes so that I can glorify Him with my body-- and not simply out of my pride and vanity for wanting my outer appearance to be nicer. This is what I struggle with- focusing on my weight rather than living as a sacrifice to God. When I seek Him, it makes it easier to deny myself. When I focus on me, the the temptations grow ever stronger!

May the Lord continue to transform you with HIS strength, both inside and out!!!