the biting truth


Monday, January 26, 2009

ouch. that hurt.

Children are so annoyingly observant and honest.

"Xuse me, Ms D..."


"um, you have a big butt!"

"Yep. I sure do."

That three year old was quite right. He is a nice three year old. I know he is not out to get me. I know that. He had no idea that his innocent (and accurate) comment brought stupid tears to my eyes.

Why do I care what a child thinks about my derriere? Plus, compared to his little bottom, everyone's butt is big, right?

And yet, I care. Sigh. I spent the rest of the evening worried that the other children were secretly whispering about my big butt. Snickering about how big Ms D is compared to the other grown ups.


Heidi said...

Oh honey... I just got told by my own 6 year old. Uh, mommy, I don't think you are fat. Now I am all freaked out that she is just trying to be nice because she DOES think I'm fat.

Tinika said...

Bless your heart. Children can be mean. Even if it is unintentional. It still hurts. I have two girls that are 8 and 10, and I have heard some of the conversations they have... can be down right appalling.

Anyways, I'll stop rambling, lol. (I am so bad about that) I just wanted to say your welcome and thank you to you too! You made my day when I saw I had another follower, haha. Cheezy, I know.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. I know it wasn't said with malice but I can understand why it hurt your feelings. :(

dmelen said...

no matter where it comes from it is always hard to hear something about your weight. Hang in there.

Alicia said...

I hate to hear that. My daughter asked me the other day why did my stomach sag down? That just brought tears to my eyes too. I simply replied I pushed your 8lbs 10oz butt out and never lost the weight. I know how you feel. Just hang in there.

Kim said...

When I left Illinois (at 25 pounds overweight), I quickly climbed to 75pounds overweight in only a few months. When I saw my goddaughter after her sister's birth, she kept asking me, "Aunt Kimmy, are you going to have a baby?" I kept telling her no, but she asked, "then why is your stomach so big now?"

Of course EVERYTHING was bigger, but in her 4 1/2 year old mind (and since her mamma is skinny), the only reason you get that big is when you're having a baby.