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Friday, January 30, 2009

flabby friday

Join Christa @ Quintooples for encouragement in the quest to be fit

OK. Here's my confession for Flabby Friday. Thanks for the great idea, Christa, mommy of quintooples.

I have come to the sad and depressing realization that I am mourning the loss of food. Food has become my companion. My friend. Denying the relationship is part of my problem. I am coming out of the closet; I love food. Well, it is really a love/hate relationship. But, I do feel a loss when I consider never turning to food again for comfort. Food has been "good" to me. It has brought me comfort. It has made me feel happy. We have celebrated many things together.

Food and I are breaking up. Oh, we'll still see each other at mealtimes or when I am hungry. But, I will not be turning to the big F for fun and comfort anymore. Sigh. The relationship is over and I am sad.


Alicia said...

I completely agree with you! That is what I do too! It makes it so hard to only eat when you should and not when you want. I am a true beleive in comfort food. When I am mad, I eat...sad, I eat even when I am happy. But it's time to push away the food. We just have to find something to substitute the food like gum, water, and probably what we should have been doing all along exercise lol! You can do it!

Christa @ Quintooples said...

Ugh, I love food too. I love gooood food. My hobby is cooking, and in another life I would have been a chef.

Breaking up is hard to do.....but I know how much better it feels to not be ashamed of how I look.

We will do it, even if it's slow.

AmandaC said...

Ugh, I hear ya. Food is my comfort when I'm sad or what I'm happy or when I'm bored or when it's there...
I think I've always had that relationship with food but it's just finally caught up with me in the last several years.
Together, we'll change our feelings about food and we'll change our bodies in the process!