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Saturday, April 11, 2009

the fat girl's Easter outfit and my look towards "later"

"This is the body you have, get over it and make the best of it!"

Yeah, I had to tell myself this in the dressing room today. See, I'm singing at church tomorrow for Easter and found out Thursday night that there was a dress code. My usual blue jeans and semi-dressy top would not do for performing a Sunday special. Sigh. Off I went to the wonderful local Dress Barn. That place rocks!! They have sizes 4 to 24. I love the way they divide the store between "petites" [i.e. normal size] and "womens" [i.e. fat girls].

I, of course, go to the right side of the store, Fat Girl Land, to do my shopping. I must admit, I was very overwhelmed. I had this image in my mind I wanted to fulfill. I wanted to look classy, but not like my mother. Slim and not fat. Pretty, but not overdone. Sexy, but not trampy. It was quite the challenge.

I grabbed about a dozen tops and four bottoms before Nikki, the sales lady, offered me a dressing room. She could see I would be there awhile.

I went through all the tops. This one was too big. This one too small. That one too trashy. That one to maternal. Sigh. I was very discouraged. Out of the dressing room I whirled. I eyeballed the racks and racks of clothing. Wasn't there anything that would magically transform my fat hips and belly into a modelesque figure?

"Can I help you?" Nikki was back. I liked Nikki. She was fat like me. Older like my mom. I needed a girlfriend and I decided Nikki would have to do.

"I need an Easter outfit. No black. No red."

The outfit we landed on is perfect. It took several more tries. A discarded floral skirt that I would love on another body and a sexy top I'll save for later remained in the full dressing room. I walked out with brown dress up cropped pants and a white, button-up blouse. The blouse has amazing sleeves that I totally love. Oh, yes, plus I bought some brown shoes.

I won't be skinny in my new Easter outfit. This fat body of mine is my realty. No outfit will change that. So, I have to work with what I got. A rolly polly belly, big boobs, and very jiggly thighs. What I got for now. Key word: "now". I am totally looking forward to "later".


Alicia said...

You did better than I. I refuse to go shopping anymore. I get so depressed when I go that I just dont go anymore unless I absolutely have to. I am glad you found something that you ♥ and feel great in!

Also, I didnt post one of your comments because you signed your never do that so I didnt want to put it out. I hope I didnt offend you by not posting it.

Lynne said...

Hi! I totally relate to your post. I hate shopping and even worse mirrors when I am shopping for clothes.

I need to visit the dress barn, I've heard so much about it. I would recommend Avenue too, but instore. Their online catalog is not the best.

You'll have to let us know how church and singing goes. God Bless!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Hi there.... Sounds like one of my experiences. Its so depressing shopping...but I'm glad you found something that you liked! :) I hope you have a great Easter