the biting truth


Thursday, April 23, 2009

my cheezy analogy and a little hoo-hoo

It is Day Four of living life on what I have dubbed "the healthy train". [Can you hear me blow the whistle? Hoo-hoo!]

I like the healthy train analogy. It gives me momentum. I'm on it and I'm not stopping off at the un-healthy eating station. Or the "I'm too tired to exercise" station. I am on the healthy train, headed towards a better life of health and wholeness.

Hoo-hoo! Watch out; I'm on the healthy train! Wanna jump on board? Let me hear ya; hoo-hoo!

[Yeah, yeah, it's a tad cheezy and maybe a little lame... but for this fat girl, some how, it helps me. What can I say?]


Lynne said...

I'm jumping on the same train LOL. WTG!

Alicia said...

Who hooo! I am so happy you have made it 4 days! I am working on getting on the train...hopefully I will be back on it soon!

Chubbie Chica said...

I need to jump back on .... I don't know what I am waiting for so someone might need yank my *#! back up onboard!