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Thursday, April 23, 2009

joining the walk down memory lane

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I checked out Serenity's blog this morning and read a hilarious post about her son's, um, er, favorite appendage. She joined the new meme at the Scottsville blog where you "walk down memory lane". I thought it was too much fun to pass on, so here goes.... racking my brain, racking... [slight pain from all the racking...] OK. Got one; here goes!

I am terrified of geese.

When I was a little girl my dad raised a couple of geese in our backyard. They are mean birds. One Sunday morning, my dad asked Big Brother and me to take the garbage out to the alley. We had to walk through the geese's domain; the backyard.

I was already in my Sunday dress and my pretty white tights. But I was a brave little girl and Big Brother promised to keep me safe. So, off we trotted, garbage in hand.

Half way through across the yard, the larger of the two geese thrust his neck out, flapped his wings and charged at the two children invading his territory. I screamed, Big Brother hollered and we broke into a bolt, hoping frantically to reach the gate by the alley.

Ignoring the gate, Big Brother sailed over the fence and landed in safety. Being one year younger [and a very dainty little girl] my sailing over fences ability was minimal at best My foot got stuck in the fencing.

"OUCH!" the rest of the story is a blur to me. My butt hurt. My pretty tights were torn. And now I hate geese.

OK, so I hope that was a good walk down memory lane. I really do hate geese. My husband thinks it's funny; but please, keep the geese away.


E @ Scottsville said...

How funny! Or not funny - not sure which?!

I had geese when I was a kid, but we raised them from babies and ours were the BEST pets. They'd even let ya hug them and wrap those long necks around ours. I still miss "Goober" and "Dixie". =0)

Hey, thanks for linking up and playing along! I hope you'll join me again next week. I enjoyed reading your adventures.

Serenity said...

Hey Jellybean...It is always nice to hear from you...I know I haven't been commenting much and I apologize...No excuses except I get sidetracked easily...1 more week of living in my head and I should (hopefully) be good to go...I wish I had a wee-wee as well LOL!! Geese are very mean birds so I don't blame you for hating them! :o) I like the nice birds like hummingbirds and peacocks and cardinals..No geese and no bluejays!!

Lynne said...

My mom would be right with you on that one. She used to visit relatives that had attack geese and she is frightened of all birds to this day. It did not help later in life that a buzzard decided to fly right into my father's car as he was driving a good gait and land right in front of my mother's vision. She still has nightmares about that one. They are ugly birds, too, lol. Your story was a real honker, lol (I know bad bad bad).

Alicia said...

Awww...that is funny now...not at the time I am sure!