the biting truth


Sunday, March 29, 2009

deep in the thougths of an exercising fat gal

I had my first "aerobic/cardio" workout Friday night. Led by an incredibly skinny woman who was nauseously excited about exercise. These are the thoughts that ran through my mind during the tortuous one hour work out. Are you ready for this?


Am I the biggest one in here??

No, thank God, no. She's bigger.

That instructor's butt is so tiny. How did I end up right behind her?? Now everyone will see me when they are watching her...

Oh my word. There are mirrors everywhere. A wall full of mirrors?? Great. Just great.

So that's how I really look.


My stomach is even huger than I thought.

My head is so tiny compared to my body.


Yuck, look at the way my belly scrunches up when I raise my legs up. Ick. Hope no one else is looking at me.

Good thing I'm here; I obviously need to be.

PAINFUL! Muscles are screaming.

It's only been FIFTEEN MINUTES??

Why am I smiling?

Richard Simmons "Sweatin to the Oldies" flashbacks...

Do what?

Um, how do I get my body to bend like that?

Wow. I did not know I would sweat... there.


Don't cry, don't you dare cry.

Just walk out, Fat Girl, just walk out.

I can't quit. I won't.

Don't cry. Just do your best.

We're done? We're done!! I did it!! One hour of fat torturing, muscle inspiring exercise. I did it.


Alicia said...

Good for you! Hopefully your next class will be a little better since you know what to expect and you have completed a full class!! You can do it!!

Gracie said...

You crack me up. I see several thoughts that I share with you and have thought myself. Especially, the everybody will be looking at me when they are looking at her.........I'm proud of you and for you. Keep up the good work. =)

Jenn(ifer) said...

HAHAHA Those exact same thought were running through my head when I took a spinning class! LMAO

Great work!!! I'm happy for you

dmelen said...

Congrats on sticking with it for the whole class!!

April said...


You know what's awesome?? After a few sessions you end up looking in the mirror and thinking..."wait...wait...I think my ass is getting smaller...and, is that MUSCLE tone I see?"

Then you WANT to go to the gym! Totally had this happen. It's a better feeling than the milkshake I am drinking right now. Almost...