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Monday, March 16, 2009

not me monday

It's Not Me Monday over at MckMama's Blog. Where the truth is skewed into a wondrous list of what I really did NOT do this week.


It was not me who totally signed up for the YMCA "Lose to Win" Weightloss Challenge!! I did not interrogate the trim personal trainer named Mike before enlisting in the program. It was not me who point blank asked "will there be people... um, my size in the program?"

It was not me who actually enjoyed her morning work out this AM with the handsome hubby. I did not peddle "three miles" on the stationary bike and then head to the treadmill for another 15 minutes of workout. Everyone knows us fat girls don't' work out.

It was not me who won't buy more clothes in this yucky, huge size because I want to wait until I loose weight to buy more clothes. I wouldn't' do that. I'm a realist.

It is not me considered never eating again after continuous evenings of binging. I did not tell myself that I hate food. I did not wish that I was actually addicted to drugs instead of to food so that I could just quit cold turkey. It was not me who wished I could just quit food like an addicted quits drugs. I was not jealous of drug addicts. How insane would that be?

That's it, guys. Now you know my insane thoughts. Scary, huh?


Mighty M said...

Good luck with the YMCA program! I am glad you enjoyed your walk. I always have a problem with wanting to go, but it's always so nice when I finally get out there and get moving.

Alicia said...

Good for you working out! I have totally been slacking lately! I hear you on the clothes thing. I refuse to buy anymore clothes either. Have a great Monday!

Gracie said...

Not too scary when I've experienced the same thoughts myself, or maybe it is, lol. Kudos on the contest. That took alot of guts. Nothing wrong with asking questions and getting right to the point. I've been known to do that a time or two myself. Glad to hear from you. Have a great week, friend. =)

Suzanne said...

I'm here because of your blog name! I love it!

Kelli said...

Great Not Me's!! I refuse to buy new clothes until I lose some of my baby weight....which leaves me wearing the same pair of jeans anytime I go out!! I have also thought how unfair it is that alcoholic and drug addicts could just quit cold turkey!! I guess if I quit eating for a few days I could drop a few quick pounds!

Clair said...

I know that cold turkey (mmm cold turkey) feeling. It would be easier to just not eat at all instead of having to be sensible and restrained and all other words that mean fewer cakes.

Love the blog!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Great job on the working out and 'not' liking it.'re gonna get there. One step at a time. :)

Tinika said...

Way to go! Have a great week!

Juls said...

Good luck with the program, and I totally agree, drug addicts have it so much easier..they don't "HAVE" to have drugs to live... (I DID NOT JUST SAY THAT)