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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a goal for the fat girl [who is rocking the challenge]

The Challenge is ON!

It was incredibly scary to walk into the room Monday evening. But as soon as I walked in and saw the other wonderful fat people, I felt myself relaxing. They were nervous, just like me. They were fat, just like me. Well, most of them. I was a little surprised to see several skinny women. Goes to show you that even the skinny girls want to improve their body, too.

Last night was my first Challenge work out with the trainer. It was so fun, you guys!! I'm shocked at how much fun I had with the other women. I was the crazy one, cheering when it was time to stretch... Yep, that was ME. Hee-hee.

There are probably about 45 women and 5 men in the challenge. There will be a female winner and a male winner. I probably won't win. I heard some women talking about how they plan to work out two to three time A DAY! Um, I will not be able to do that. Plus, I want this to be a realistic part of my life. I have four kids. There is no way I will be working out three times a day. Heck, I will be doing phenomenal to work out ONCE A DAY! So, that is my goal. I want to do some sort of cardio work out six times a week. Sundays will be my day off.

My other goal is... deep breath here... to loose 29 pounds by the end of the Challenge. I weighed in [on the YMCA scales] at 269 pounds. [Although my home scales showed me at 266 pounds. But, whatever. We'll follow the YMCA scales through out this challenge and then revert back to my scales after the ten weeks are up.] Ten weeks to loose 29 pounds; I wan to weight 240 by the first week in June. That's roughly 3 pounds a week. I can do it!


Aunt of 14 said...

Yes you can do it. You definitely are rocking! :) I am cheering you on from miles and miles away and you are inspiring me to think about doing the same for myself. The picture on my blog doesn't really show how big I am (I wouldn't have put it on there otherwise!!) but I would like to lose 100 pounds. 50 at the LEAST. Because I refuse to acknowledge how much I weight, I will revise that to I would like to lose at least 3 pant sizes. Keep us posted, girl!

Serenity said...

I need a name to call you...I can't bring myself to call you (or anyone else for that matter) "fat girl"...Can I just call you jellybean? Ok...Good for you Jellybean! Your goal doesn't seem unrealistic and I am rooting for you 110%!! I am still walking at night however my points system has fallen by the wayside this week so I need to get back on that!

Serenity said...

Hey Jellybean - I left you something on my blog :o)

Serenity said...

Hey Jellybean - One more thing for you on my blog :o)

Alicia said...

Hey check out my blog...I have a surprise for you!

Christina said...

That sounds like a totally awesome challenge - and definitely an achievable goal! I wish you tons of luck!

And, btw, I'm just now finding your blog and I love your honesty - it's refreshing! :)