the biting truth


Friday, February 6, 2009

do not lie to me

Here's one for you. This book promotes being fat. Nice.

Not really. Get real people. It is not fun to be fat.

I remember the season on The View when Star Jones boasted about being fat. She kept saying she "liked herself" the way she was; fat. I watched her and KNEW she was lying. I am fat. I know what it is like. It is not fun to squeeze into chairs at restaurants. Or to roll out of the airline seats on airplanes. Or to have to shop in the "plus size" section of the store. Not fun. Do not pretend like it is.

P.S. Star Jones had some sort of surgery to help her loose weight. So, see. She really did not like being fat. She said it because she was in denial and was trying to make herself feel better. Been there; done that.


April said...

I TOTALLY agree! I hate women that say like "Oh, I am happy the way I am." and "Curves are healthy"...

Umm, no they're not. People have such a warped view of what's healthy, and they don't realize that being 5'4" and 125lbs is ideal. Or like me, being 5'2" and 110 is healthy. I am currently 208. Anyway...yeah...people who think "fat" is pretty are dead wrong. It's dangerous.

Alicia said...

I completely agree! I am 5'1" and (way) over 200lbs. People dont want to be fat at least I dont!