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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the numbers drama

I am feeling very fat and stupid right now. I have gobbled up about a pound of green M&M's. Yes, green. Did you know the company put out solid green M&M's for Valentine's Day? Yea, there's something about the green ones... supposed to make one horny or some such silliness. Um, for me, I think they might just make me fat. Sigh.

Anyways. I thought I might blog about my weight history. Just to fill ya in. 'Cause, ya know, you guys really care about that kind of thing, right?
  • So you already know when I hit 200 pounds. That was around 16-years-old. Let's back up a little. My first diet. Sixth grade. I think I weighed about 145 pounds. My sister and I found a diet in a Woman's World magazine of my mother's. This was the first time I really became aware of calories and fat grams.
  • A year later, I weighed about 160 and my whole fat family joined TOPS [Taking Off Pounds Sensibly]. My mother lost 100 pounds [has since, I'm sorry to say, gained it back]; my father lost about 40 pounds [gained it back, plus more]; my brother lost about 25 pounds [still looks great]; my sister lost about 20 pounds [gained it back plus lots more]; and I lost about 20 pounds [um, DUH, gained it back plus lots-ish!]. I hit 143 at the end of our TOPS experience. That was my goal weight. I maintained it for about two weeks. Then, the whole family quit TOPS and we all got fat again.
  • It is truly a blur from 143 to 200 pounds. Somewhere from the eighth grade to tenth grade the pounds packed on. It was a very stressful time frame for my family, and I began to turn to food for comfort.
  • Went to a college. Gained about 20 pounds per semester. Left after about three years weighing about 280 pounds. Since college was stressful, and I ate when stressed... pretty easy to figure out why the pounds crept up.
  • Joined WW April 2002, weighing in at a whopping 300.8 pounds. Yep. My highest weight.
  • Ten months later, after following WW points program perfectly, I weighed 200 pounds. I was the happiest 200 pound person ever. 200 pounds felt skinny compared to 300 pounds.
  • Lost another eighteen pounds, bringing my weight down to 182 after my wedding in April 2003. My lowest weight since childhood.
  • Gained up to 195 after coming off WW. Got pregnant and gained 35 pounds.
  • Pregnant again, weighing 235 post pregnancy. Gained up to 243 before discovering another pregnancy.
  • Pregnant once again with Number Four and maintained the 267 weight until the last month. Nine months pregnant with my fourth baby, I weighed in at 273.
  • Baby came. Lost about 10 pounds. Gained it. Lost it. Gained it. Now I am at the "lost it" stage again. Hoping to not ever see it again.

OK. So, now you know. FYI.


Alicia said...

OMG! that is awesome that you have previously lost 100lbs! That just means you can do it again! I know it will be hard because after your pregnancies I am sure your body has changed (I know mine has!). Keep going, you can do it! I am here for you!

krissa reann said...

Yeah...i got some of those green M&M's....dont understand that concept either...
I know what you mean about wanting to keep it off. I hit an all time low and have tired so many things. I finally had surgery done in November and I am loving the my diet and exercise the pounds are coming off, pounds which i hope to never see again.
Good luck in your thoughts are with you as I can relate!

Jenn(ifer) said...

**I gave a package of those M&M's to my husband hoping it would didn't! Lying da....nevermind**

Anywho..I applaud you. You are stronger than you know and stronger than you give yourself credit for.

As Alicia said, you've done it before you CAN do it can. YOu will :) Pregnancy does change your body, especially more than one pregnancy. Just hang in there...YOU WILL DO IT GIRL!

The Masked Mommy said...

I can't believe you lost 100 pounds! My entire life, I just get fatter and fatter all the time. Slowly, but then again I'm only 23 years old. Aren't I supposed to be in the young sexy part of my life only to be fat when I'm 40? Anyways, I've been dieting since Saturday, and I've been really good (counting ww points) the only thing that gets me through is their 1 point fudge bars. They are sooooo good! I think they're better than regular fudge bars, and they certainly are bigger. So I'm addicted to sweets, and I tried just not keeping them in the house. Then I'd just really need something and do you know what I would do? I would eat powered cake mix with a spoon and a glass of milk. I wish I were kidding.

Ok, there's my fat girl confession for today! Good luck on your diet! I haven't eaten cake mix in days! ;-)

Gracie said...

You CAN do it! Hang in there. Satan plants those seeds of doubt and frustration because he wants us to fail. By the way, I put some before/after pics on my blog.

Tiff said...

I had to laugh.... WalMart had the bags of green M&Ms on sale ... half off.... I devoured a bag yesterday......... :(

Your honesty makes me laugh, I can relate.

Looseweight said...
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