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Sunday, February 15, 2009

not me monday

Not Me! Monday again. It's been a good-ish week. Check out MckMama's tell all over at her site. After you read mine, of course. :)


It was not me who decided to eat the skin (fried skin) of the chicken breast as opposed to the real meat. After all I am not only eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full. That would be like, what, how skinny girls eat?? I am so a skinny girl. ;)

It was not me who went grocery shopping twice this week and passed up candy bar treats in the check out. I do not celebrate small victories.

It was not me who stood in the kitchen, snitching the rest of the chocolate covered rice krispy treats at 4:00 in the morning. While holding the wide awake baby. If I did eat that chocolate, I certainly did not chase it with some milk and call it healthy. I am not in denial. Mm-mm. Not me.

That's it for me. By-sers!


Gracie said...

I LOVE the skin, it is by far THE best part, I mean you couldn't let it go to waste =) Hang in there!

Alicia said...

Good for you passing up the candy bar! That is awesome. Remember those small victories turn into BIG victories! Way to go!

Amanda said...

Yeah You and small victories!!!

I did not make a cake today even though I want to eat a cake today and I know how to make buttercreme frosting and that would taste so good. Victory!

God bless-

newlyweds said...

Cute post! I so don't eat the skin either, lol!

Mighty M said...

Rice krispie treats are actually VERY healthy. We should all include them as part of our daily diets. I love fried chicken! Just found your blog via MckMama so thought I would check it out!!